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Kangan Institute Richmond Campus by Bourke & Bouteloup Architects

The rationalisation of a series of campuses led to the adaptive re-use of Building A in Richmond.  Previously an automotive training building, the large, deep floor plan (5000sqm) was re-used to suit a Library/Information Commons, Canteen, Customer Service and various training spaces including: Visual Merchandising, Millinery, Hair and Beauty,  Myotherapy as well as flexible classrooms and an outdoor learning space.

A large courtyard and undercroft was subtracted from the original building to create a learning and social space which acts to organise the planning.  The courtyard took queues from Boyd and Romberg's Sacred Heart Girls' College (Oakleigh 1959). The stock exchange trading hall model was employed as an Information Commons desk as a type of space predicated on the quick exchange of information (including info screens).  Smaller versions known as 'huddles' for group learning and exchange are used as social and technology focal points in the large information commons space.

The entire building is treated with a new grid which acts as a field for the interconnection of various learning spaces.  The original Romberg checkerboard grid motif has been subjected to iterations from 'game of life' cellular automata to emphasize the ever changing field of interaction and collaboration.  The checkerboard/grid is used on ceilings and floors with custom panelling to transform the acoustics of previously tough spaces into an appropriate zone for flexible learning and information exchanges.*



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