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Ringwood Secondary College by Bourke & Bouteloup Architects

The Third Stage of building work at Ringwood Secondary College consists of a Music and Drama addition to an existing Hall and Gymnasium and a new administration building as well as and Library, Staff Work and Technology Workshop refurbishment.   


The Administration building presents a new front of house on Bedford Road for the school, and uses a simple L-shaped plan made up of a simple rectangular timber framed building and a tapered covered way that is enclosed as a staff access, waiting area and gallery space.  The long roof plane falls in two directions as it tapers to direct staff and visitors into the school.   Painted in a signal type yellow it is read externally as a gash in the building, or possibly 2 buildings with the same roof.  


The Music and Drama Building is a School funded venture that will also be used as a venue for community groups and functions.  It is an addition that uses the idiom of the 6 degree timber framed gable roof, the form is gently manipulated and cut according to requirements in plan.  The gable end is dragged off centre to provide the required height in the Multi-Purpose Room to the North  The manipulations emphasise the primary form.


A relief is created within the concrete block ‘skin’ of the building which steps in and out at movement expansion joints.  The blockwork wall is broken into a series of incrementally enlarging and overlapping frames that imply a narrative and a sense of denouement.  


Photographs: Peter Bennetts

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