Bio21 Institute Laboratory Infrastructure & Platform Technology

We have undertaken a series of key laboratory infrastructure upgrades within the Bio21 Institute at University of Melbourne which include:

  • New Xray Diffraction facility - Protein Characterisation
  • New Autoclave rooom
  • New Cool room
  • New Institute research dedicated server room

These infrastructure projects involved assessment of existing conditions with substantial spatial and services constraints due to some of them being located in a Basement with shallow floor-to-floor dimensions. We conducted site investigation options, feasibility and cost benefit analysis in conjunction with the Bio21 Institute, University of Melbourne and key researchers. The projects also reviewed project phasing to ensure no critical infrastructure was effected.

The XRay Diffraction room is the first part of a Protein Characterisation suite and includes a PX Scanner and XtaLAB Synergy S XRay Diffraction system. Significant voilumes of liquid nitrogen are used as part of the cooling system and the space was designed to minismise risk and maximise the functionality of the space.

The autoclave room provides Bio 21 Institute with a much needed centralised auotclave facility for the first time. In addition, the project will also see the construction of an adjoining cold research room, providing a new protein characterisation platform.

The server room, which is yet to be constructed, employs ‘in-rack’ CRAC air-conditioning with a ‘hot aisle/cold aisle’ concept which provides highly efficient server rack cooling.

Photography: Laura Manariti

Client The University of Melbourne Bio 21 Institute
Location Flemington  
Traditional Custodians Wurundjeri/Woiworung people of the Kulin Nation